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With HDTV (High Definition TV), you will never look at your cable TV the same way again. Not since the advent of color television has there been a more dramatic change in the way the television is experienced in your home. And with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and incredible vivid pictures up to five times sharper than standard television, HDTV is leading the way in high-definition entertainment.

With high definition (HD), there's no expensive equipment to buy and no long-term contracts; getting HD service from CTVEA has never made more sense! CTVEA provides you with the great HD programs you want to watch: With channels like ESPN-HD, TNT-HD and Discovery-HD soon to be added, images jump off the screen with unparalleled brilliance. Enjoy your favorite programming in HD at no extra cost.

AVAILABLE HD CHANNELS 500 WRBL (CBS) 501 WTVM (ABC) 502 WLTZ (NBC) 503 WXTX (FOX) 504 WRBL Weather 505 Tube Music Network 506 TNT 507 ESPN 508 Discovery Theater
A satellite receiver can cost over $300, and today's dish is tomorrow's trash! With CTVEA HDTV, there's no risk of owning obsolete equipment, because there's no expensive equipment to buy. If you're a current CTVEA Digital customer all you need is your high-definition television and CTVEA digital converter box. Call your CTVEA representative for more information.