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Cable Television

Expanding channel lineups, exclusive services, movies, sports, and music will change any room into a showplace for great entertainment.

The Choice

is clear.

200 channels and counting.

Plug in a cable digital terminal and you'll have access to over 200 channels of television, movies, music and multicultural programming through your current CTVEA Cable connection. That's a lot of choice, a lot of entertainment and a lot of popcorn to pop.

So clear, so real, it's unbelievable.

Why watch TV when you can experience it? Our digital technology delivers unmatched picture clarity. Combine that with Dolby Digital sound and you'll add movie- theater intensity to any home entertainment system.

Channels of music.

Go digital and go beyond television. Uninterrupted Music Guide are ready at the touch of a button. From rock to 70s hits to classic to reggae to everything in between, CTVEA Digital Cable delivers all the classic hits and latest releases. No ads. No talk. No interruptions. No other music service is quite like it.

Can't remember who sang an old favorite? Hear something new you just gotta have? Press a button and CTVEA Digital Cable gives you the artist, song title and album name.

The CTVEA Digital TV Advantage

Even with more choices, premium channels, and Pay-Per-View options than ever before, all of your local channels are still included at no additional cost. And with no expensive equipment to buy, you'll never risk leaving your Friday night (or, let's face it, Tuesday afternoon) in the hands of outdated technology.

DVR Option

You can even take your Digital Cable a step further with special digital services. Upgrade to CTVEA DVR (Digital Video Recording) to record, pause and rewind live TV or select CTVEA OnDemand so you can watch your favorite shows and movies when the time is best for you!

•  True digital quality picture and sound for superior clarity •  Programming that includes hundreds of channels, movies, sports, and local networks •  Lowest all-digital movies price in America •  Flexible packages that let you choose what you want to watch •  No equipment to buy, so it is never outdated •  Available access to multiple channels of premium networks and pay-per-view events •  Available access to DVR record, save, and rewind live television instantly